Changes to Customs Import Processing Charges

As part of the 2015-16 Commonwealth Budget, the Government restructured the Import Processing Charges. There are two changes:

  1. Removal of the current price differential between airfreight / post and seafreight;
  2. Making FIDs lodged manually more expensive in terms of fees payable so as to encourage electronic lodgement.

The new charges are as follows:

  1. SACs & N10 with CVAL less than $1,000: NIL
  2. N10 & N20 CVAL $1,000-$10,000: $50 ($90 for manual FIDs);
  3. N10 & N20 CVAL more than $10,000: $152 ($92 for manual FIDs);
  4. N30: $23 ($63 for manual N30)

Fees may have dropped but no reference at all to the ongoing cross subsidisation of SACs by FIDS over $1,000.