Here's a small sampling of the feedback from our clients.

Origin has engaged Sue many times over the last 5 years to assist in managing customs issues associated with our business operations. Sue’s main work for Origin has been in the context of “whole of project” style EPBS customs concessions for very large capex projects such as base load power stations, and Tariff Concession Orders for individual importations.

Sue is an absolute expert in the field of international customs and trade, is very reasonably priced and provides excellent service. When Sue is doing the work I know it will be done well, done right, on time and on budget - and I whole heartedly recommend her service to others.
— Dan Clancy, Senior Manager, Taxation at Origin Energy
Sue is a wonderful example of someone who is passionate about their role and who gives tirelessly to industry to support the development of younger people into the profession.
Sue is recognised as an industry leader in her field of customs broking and her work with the National Customs Brokers Course has seen this Course recognised as the pre-eminent Course of study approved by the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service.
I never know how Sue manages to fit the things she does into 24 hours of a day but if she says she will do something, she does it.
— Bill Murphy, Customs Brokers & Forwarders Council of Australia
In the many times I have worked with Sue over the last 5 years I have always know her to do a more than thorough job at whatever project we were completing.
I have asked her complete Customs Applications such as EPBS & TCO Applications, TCO Revocations and the such like.
Even when Sue is not fully engaged in work for my company, I get the occasional email checking if I am aware of something which has transpired in the Customs Dept. She always goes that extra mile.
I would work with her again in a heart beat. Great lady.
— Mark Brennan, Insurance & Imports Manager at G.James Australia Pty Ltd
I have known and worked with Sue for a very long time. I would consider her the best Customs Broker in Australia.
— Steven Sarev, Director at OPM Logistics Pty Ltd
Susan has a personality that would light up a room. She is creative with her ideas and it’s obvious she is an industry veteran who knows the in and outs of Customs. She helped me achieve a successful result in my project and she helped my company retrieve Thousands of Dollars in rebate. Thanks Susan.
— Mahiyar Hira, Supply Chain Analyst Process Improvement, Medtronic